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Dr. Alexander Konovalov

University of St Andrews
School of Computer Science &
Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra

Room 1.02, Jack Cole Building, North Haugh,
St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9SX, Scotland

Tel +44/0 1334 461633
Fax +44/0 1334 463278

Email: alexander [dot] konovalov (at

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Computational Algebra

I am involved in the EPSRC project "HPC-GAP: High Performance Computational Algebra and Discrete Mathematics" and the EU Framework VI Project "SCIEnce - Symbolic Computation in Europe". I am interested in the GAP system and other software for computational abstract algebra and constraint programming, in parallel symbolic computation in various contexts, in groups and group rings and their applications in discrete mathematics. I developed the following packages for the computational algebra system GAP: Since 2007 I became a maintainer and continued the development of the OpenMath package which adds OpenMath functionality to GAP and is used by the SCSCP package.

Later since 2011 I became a maintainer and continued the development of the Example package which provides a demo/template of a GAP package and further guidelines to package authors.

Also I am one of the authors of the Wedderga package for the computation of the Wedderburn decomposition of group algebras.

Finally, I am one of the authors of the the Congruence package for computations with congruence subgroups of SL(2,Z). This package is not yet redistributed with the GAP system, but this is expected soon.

Besides this, I maintain the Experimental GAP Installer for Windows, which provides standard installation procedure that will guide you through all steps of the GAP installation. There is also a clickable graph that illustrates dependencies between the GAP packages and some notes about installation of GAP packages in Mac OS X.

Group Rings

In my PhD thesis, I proved that the normalized unit group of the modular group algebra of a 2-group of maximal class G has a section isomorphic to the wreath product C2wrG' of the cyclic group of order 2 and the derived group G' of G, giving for such groups a positive answer on a question formulated by Aner Shalev. Recently I gave a construction of the wreath product C2wrG' for another class of 2-groups. Later I became also interested in the Modular Isomorphism Problem. My current interests in the area of group rings are concentrated around torsion units of integral group rings of finite groups. The long-standing conjecture of Hans Zassenhaus (ZC-1) says that every torsion unit in the integral group ring of the finite group G is rationally conjugate to an element in G. Wolfgang Kimmerle proposed to relate (ZC) with some properties of graphs associated with groups. The Gruenberg - Kegel graph (or the prime graph) of G is the graph with vertices labelled by the prime divisors of the order of G with an edge from p to q if and only if there is an element of order pq in the group G. Then Kimmerle's conjecture (KC) asks whether G and the notmalized unit group of its integral group ring have the same prime graph.

Jointly with Victor Bovdi, we started the program of verifying (KC) for sporadic simple groups. Currently we are able to report on the checking (KC) for the following 13 out of 26 sporadic simple groups: For more details, please see publications and preprints following the links given below.

Publications and talks

See my entry in the Research@StAndrews portal.
Earlier publications and talks (with some downloads) are also available here.
You can also find a selection of my main publications in MathSciNet, arXiv and DBLP.
My Erdös number is equal to 3, and its calculation is explained here.


In 2009-2010 I taught:

Coming conferences

For conferences of my immediate interest, I publish a calendar here. Feel free to subscribe to it (best viewed with Apple iCal - events will even have URLs of conference webpages). I also advertise a wider selection of conferences in this mailing list of the Ukrainian GAP User Group.

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