GAP package Circle

Authors and maintainers: Alexander Konovalov, Panagiotis Soules
Needs: GAP, version at least 4.5, GAP package GAPDoc.
Operating systems: UNIX, Windows
Current version: 1.5.1
Contact: alexk at
Download: see below


The Circle package extends the GAP functionality for computations in adjoint groups of associative rings. It provides functionality to construct circle objects that will respect the circle multiplication r *s = r + s + rs, to create multiplicative structures, generated by such objects, and to compute adjoint semigroups and adjoint groups of finite rings.


Download and unpack the archive given below in the pkg subdirectory of your GAP installation.

Follow the instructions in the chapter `Installation' of the manual. The manual is available below or in the subdirectory circle/doc.

Online Documentation

The manual of the package is available in several formats. If the package has been installed properly, all of these documents are also accessible through the GAP online help.

Circle manuals

Package Archive for Download

The Circle package is available in the following format:

The PackageInfo.g file is available as plain text file.


The first author was supported by Francqui Stichting (Belgium) grant ADSI107.

Alexander Konovalov (alexk at, 27 January 2013